Frindah's Fortress

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Quest Date: 
Saturday, March 1, 2008 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Level Requirement: 
Max Attendees: 

Orc's from Dregar were raiding Leringard.

The problem was solved by the axes of stout adventurers. Or was it?

Why were Orcs from Frindal on Leringard? What is happening beind those imposing Fortress gates?

Who was leader of the Orcish horde? Did the true leader escape as was claimed? Where has he fled?

A group of adventurers gather in Dalanthar. Their gaze turns to the Orcish Fortress of Frindah.


// SAT 2300hrs GMT, SUN 1000hrs AEST or in your TIMEZONE
// The aim of this event is to complete the Frindal Fortress quest
// Needed:
// Traps expert
// Warriors
// Mages
// Healers
// Scouts
// Level 15+ Required
// Meet in Dalanthar