Icons, Icons, Icons - part 1


The last few weeks, we've described several items for you, now it is time to show some of them, as well as introduce you to some new ones. Enjoy!

- Rippled Greenstone
An opaque green or bluish green stone with varying color patterns like a turtle's shell, greenstone is most striking when polished as a cabochon. It is commonly called Turtlestone and is found in areas where volcanic activity has occurred.

Greenstone is valued by the Frostflare dwarves of the Spine Mountains and they often wear it in jewelry.
- Bronze Broadsword
A broadsword made of bronze.

Bronze Broadsword

- Vial of Strong Bat Blood
A crystal vial of bright red blood.

- Reinforced Gorget
A reinforced gorget made of stiffened sturdy leather.
Reinforced Gorget

- Round Brilliant Deep Diamond Ring of Logic
A round brilliant deep diamond in a mithril ring with a vibrant blue glow.
Diamond Ring

- Book of the Heavens Volume I
Runes in shimmering copper grace the cover of this tome.  Patterns in
the Al'Noth bound to the heavens are captured in the pages.  The magic
may be released by those with the knowledge to do so, but when spent the
tome crumbles into dust.

Book of Heavens 1

- Applejuice
A bottle of unfiltered, sweet apple juice.
Apple Juice Icon

- Protective Leather Bracers
A pair of flimsy leather bracers with a small bear's claw dangling from
the right one.

Protective Leather Bracers

- Heroes Sandwich
Two tortillas sandwiching layers of meat, vegetables, and sauce.
Hero's Sandwich

- Meteor Shards
Rock-hard, glossy black shards of an unknown material that still radiate
considerable heat.

Meteor Shards

Until next week!