Music of Layonara

In our opinion music is core to the acceptance of any game within any genre. It is very important that the music fits the game-play, game-style, as well as the world. We were very lucky to find Jason (Eon Blue). He has immense talent and a deep dedication to the creation of quality music for all to enjoy.

Here are three tracks that he has created for Layonara. Enjoy!

A little about Jason:

Music has been a passion of mine since I was little. Growing up in rural Ohio I didn't have many musical outlets available to me and spent most of my time annoying my parents with guitar noise and imagining I was a rock star. The more I listened to music, the more I wanted to advance beyond the three chord guitar rock and learn everything I could. I quickly found out that there is a whole lot to learn! I've had many personal teachers, read more books than I could count, completed a two year course through Berklee College of Music, and still feel I'm in the 'hobby' stages. But I've loved every minute of it.

The last few years have seen a huge explosion in music technology making it possible for an average person to create and record music that was previously available to only a select few. Ten years ago, in order to create an orchestral soundtrack you had to have access to an orchestra and recording studio. Now it just takes a computer and a couple pieces of software. It's an incredible feeling to sit down at your computer, write a few notes, and immediately hear an entire symphony play them.

In my case, it's allowed me to combine my passion for video games with my passion for music and led me to work with the layonara team. I'm very thankful for being given the opportunity to be involved with this project. It's been a blessing to work with so many talented individuals. I think the end result is going to blow everyone's socks off!

(Eon Blue)

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