Writer's Wednesday

You've been seeing some of the fantastic in-game shots coming from the dev team, now here's some of the writing being done by Ed and his minions.  Not just the history or town info, but crafting, quests, creatures and loot drops as well.  Check back here each Wednesday for a new tidbit.  Today, let's look at a snippet from a location in the Telish Throne on Tilmar...

Location Name: fumeiyo (Fort Morllass)

Fort Morllass is built on a small peninsula, surrounded by dunes and bluffs that share some of the rusty red with the Redlands to the north. There are no trees, only scrub and stands of reeds; the fort, built of imported stone and decorated in an ornate fashion more at home in the richest parts of Karthinian, looks like a well-healed dowager at a peasant wedding.

The fort is more a castle, and is decaying slowly. Some of the cornices have fallen and small bits of the friezes around the windows and doors litter the ground. The wind has mounded sand against the beach side, which contains the carriage door and empty animal pens although the beach has eroded since a recent tsunami and the back door now opens to a deep dune that drops to the tide.

It is left to rot, but according to some adventurous youths wandering by on bets or out of the endless immortality of their young years, there have been sounds from the inside of the Fort as well as the smells. In most cases this is enough to scare them away, but the rumors, not entirely baseless, of great riches inside the home lure a number of heartier types every year. Once the great oak front door was found hanging open, bloodied scratch marks on the inside, but nothing was observed to move in the thick dust visible from the doorway. The door was resealed and has not been opened since.

~Honora on behalf of The Writing Team