Aeridin: Temples


Temples to Aeridin can be found everywhere from the largest city to the smallest village. Most also act as a House of Healing for the wounded and the sick and as a place where the poor or unfortunate can find help to get their lives back on track. Spread far across all continents of Layonara, the Church of Aeridin stands in good regard with most peoples.


The temple in Sadinia is the oldest and largest temple to the Healing Light on Layonara, and according to some lore, it is the place where Aeridin ascended. It's a grand structure with many windows. As a result, regardless of where in the sky the sun or the moons are, the sun and moons can always be seen. The temple is bathed in perpetual light, which seems to come from everywhere.

North Point

The temple at North Point is the largest one on Dregar, as well as the one with the least number of elves in attendance; most of the clergy here are human. Its previous head, Palmer Felch, was elected to be on the Nimbus in 1392. It's current head is Victoria Adlam, a woman approaching her 60th birthday. She is known for both her healing skills and her foul morning moods.

House of Healing at Krandor

While many Houses of Healing exist in the world, the one in Krandor is particularly well-known. It was started by a young human follower of Aeridin called Athus Dephillie. It was his exploits in the world, especially his involvement in a blow against the Soul Mother, which ensured his fame and that of the House of Healing at Krandor throughout the lands.