Az'atta: Temples


The first temple to The Wretched was once a single-room home in what was to become the city of Audira. Over the years, more rooms were needed to house converts and those seeking asylum. As the faith grew, many pilgrims came seeking refuge to study Az'atta's Way; however, more space was needed. Audira essentially grew up around the small temple, which began as a hideout for a trio of dark elf females. The temple still has at its center the place were Az'atta lived in her mortal form. It is now housed in a domed room where only the Handmaiden of Souls and the few chosen of the Overseer's staff go, those who travel in and out to clean and tend the small domicile.

The main temple belies its age with its careful planning. However, this is the second version of the same temple; the only remaining portion of the original being the hut of Az'atta. There are several wings in the existing temple. The temple is in the shape of an octagon with a single passageway leading into the center portion of the temple, which houses the hut of Az'atta, the handmaidens' chambers, and a few rooms dedicated to the Sight, Overseer, Sound, and Council. Each of Az'atta's satellite temples mimic the final design of the original. Each has a local touch, allowing each temple to conform to local traditions and influences. None is as large as the main temple. However, there are many shrines to Az'atta emerging throughout Layonara as her influence grows in a time where mercy is greatly sought by the people.