Beryl: Special

From the Introduction of Hajan Vunkad (Never Forget) - From the Girdle of Beryl

 Baraeon Ca'duz led one of the groups of dark elves that ventured into the Deep after their war with their surface-dwelling kin.

The other group was led by Vierdri'ira. Baraeon's group was slightly smaller but accompanied by a host of all kinds of spiders that followed the dark elf as if the spiders too were somehow betrayed.
Atrocities aside, Baraeon was a charismatic leader, a shrewd plotter and gifted assassin; his followers started to worship him and after the assassination of Ilsare's first-born daughter by his hands, he was elevated to godhood by Pyrtechon.
It is thought that the Raging Dragon wanted to create allies to give him an upper hand in the heavens. This was several decades after the ascension of Vierdri'ira, who, while every bit as evil as Baraeon Ca'duz, proved far more difficult to manipulate.
As the dark elves spread across the world below, both groups eventually came into contact with each other and started to intermingle. At that time, both deities still had both male and female followers. As both deities' objectives are fundamentally the same, it did not take long until a joint holy book was transcribed. They called it the Book of Dark Silk. This alliance helped the dark elf race prosper and many cities sprung up in the realms below.
For the first several hundred years, the sanctuaries of Baraeon Ca'duz struggled to gain power to match the clerics of Vierdri'ira.
It was not until the first patriarch of Olist Orbinn, Charvayas, took the position of Spinner that the Church of Baraeon Ca'duz truly began to inspire fear among all dark elves and other races.
Around the year -200, when Az'atta betrayed her dark master, the Purge occurred inside the formerly joint church. The Ca'duzites renamed their church the Web, and during one bloody week all female clerics of Baraeon Ca'duz were killed or cast out of the service of Ca'duz. A similar event took place within the Church of Vierdri'ira; however, it was a response to the Purge. Since that time, the two churches have been at each other's throats.
Remember this, for it is one of your weapons.