Bilkan Castle: Government and Politics

This is the heart of the Bilkan Kingdom, the Mido and Kagi of Bilkan reside here, making daily decisions which affect the thousands under their rule. Once every three months, the mido and the kagi assemble in the castle's halls with the regional sitchu, resolving issues, organizing economy and diplomatic relations.

Although the primary responsibility of the mido, it is actually the kagi who has been arranging this. The mido tends to remain silent during these meetings, rarely speaking out at all until after the meeting, when he performs a private sermon to a selected few.

Unlike other countries which attempt to strengthen their defenses and diplomatic standing with other countries, Bilkan's, or rather, the current mido's prime concern is its people, and ensuring a life of peace and harmony can be lived by those within its borders. A philosophy that did not come into effect until the current ruling mido who took the throne in 1370.