Bird Lord of Layonara

Bird Lord of Layonara

The Bird Lord serves Katia in a special way acting as Her Eyes wherever he goes. Whenever nature was threatened, the all seeing eyes of the Bird Lord would arrive first always and act as a swift as possible to relay everything to the Mother.

Throughout Layonara's history, the Bird Lord has remained a hidden presence to the world simply because its task was to always remain neutral and glory normally brings bias to a person. Nevertheless, this was no trivial job for Nature is never dormant and it acts based upon what Katia sees through the birds around the world, and even more so through what the Bird Lord observes.

Although it is normally known that Katia and nature are one and the same. The Bird Lord exclusively serves Katia, while druids around the world serve nature. To differentiate upon this and understand it is what makes the Bird Lord's task a special one.

Plenarius Ashaley is the current Bird Lord of Layonara.