Bitter Valley: History and Rumors

Shamans of the Bitter Valley tribe of najashanian still tell of days when their lands were rich and abundant. It seems that over the centuries, the erosion and addition of salt to the soil of the region has caused much of the vegetation and many of the trees to wither away. Some species have recovered and adapted, mainly low -lying clumps of gorse bush, nettles and other such scrub. Some trees have reached a point where they are very slowly adapting to the saltier soil but it will still be centuries before they will thrive in the changed environment. In the mean time, tea trees and brambles have begun to spring up around the hills.

The Bitter Valley tribe is relatively peaceful, content to eeke out an existence in the shallow region of hills and its central valley 'peaceful as long as nobody enters their domain uninvited that is! On a regular basis they raid north into the Shallow Woods or east to the Lake of Distortion to show their prowess and remind the other inhabitants of the island of their power.

These najashanian spend much of their time hunting creatures that live in their own region, especially the extensive seal and bird colonies that make their home around the southeastern corner of the island below the Bitter Valley. They do, however, also seek out worthier prey such as large cats or griffons.