Bloody Gate

There is one main route through the Mountains of Madness. This means that there is one main route between Milara's throne and the rest of Alindor. Bloody Gate is situated on that pass, between two dramatic craggy peaks. It has been the site of countless epic struggles, epic victories and epic defeats. All of these have contributed to Bloody Gate's well-deserved name.

There is a question which haunts the thoughts of nearly every Alindorian and any Mistoner who has any sense of world events. That question revolves around the allegiance of Bloody Gate. Since Milara's army must pass through this town, how could the fierce dwarves not be under his sway? Others retort that they are dwarves and would die before becoming servants to such a wicked ruler. Those might say that it has been these dwarves who have kept Milara from controlling Katherian. The response may come quick that Katherian and Bloody Gate fell to Milara's whims long ago. The truth is that no one knows for sure, perhaps not even Milara and the residents of Bloody Gate themselves.

South of Region Forest and on the northwestern tip of the Mountains of Madness on the continent of Alindor.

Population: 1,600

  • 80% Mountain dwarf
  • 10% Hill dwarf
  • 5% Human
  • 3% Half orc
  • 1% Gnome
  • 1% Elf

GP Limit: 320gp

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Government: Monarchy

Bloody Gate is a heavily fortified town whose militia is primarily made up of dwarves.