Brokanian: Diplomacy

Brokanians establish alliances with many entities in the world, both with races and organizations. All these alliances are very uneasy, mostly on the part of the non-brokanian, because the non-brokanian does not know when an alliance will end and recognizes that the end will probably be a bad one at that unless a permanent benefit to the brokanian is guaranteed. Yet, even with their well-known reputation, brokanians still manage to have many alliances, mostly because of their skills and abilities.

Brokanians remain neutral to the few races that are strong enough to resist them, like the elves, as well as to groups that are too nomadic for their taste.
While many hold grudges against them, being an enemy of a brokanian is not something that pays off. Due to their great degree of influence, anyone who becomes an enemy of a brokanian will soon see himself being worked against in subtle ways: showing up on an embargo list, losing nearly-done deals to competitors, or even losing their throne.

The only race that freely admits to disliking them with passion and care not for their plots, schemes and deals are the dwarves. The brokanians hold little love for them as well, considering them simply brash and unrefined.