Brothers of Battle

Followers of Vorax, but no official part of the church, the Brothers of Battle is, not surprisingly, one of the most militant orders on Layonara. It was founded by Thergrim Stonefist approximately 1500 years ago, when he fell down a crevice when traveling through the Brech Mountains. Bereft of his axe, which he lost in the fall, Thergrim found himself stuck in the rocks with no way to free himself.

Fighting the cold with every breath, refusing to let it weaken him, Thergim suddenly received a vision of fists smashing the rocks that trapped him. Using his own fists, he relentlessly punched and clawed at the rocks until he was free.

Now convinced that he needed nothing but his fists to serve the Father of Battle, he founded the Brothers of Battle, taking Stonefist as his new surname. In memory of Thergrim's miraculous deed, the head of the Brothers of Battle is still called “The Stonefist.” Members of the Brotherhood can be found throughout Layonara, but they gravitate to areas of conflict.