Deadwood Bog: Notable People

Lierchack Noctrek

He is a large troll who could possibly one day take the coveted chief role and have the strength to bring the disorganized and factional clan together under a single power. Lierchack is brutally strong and somewhat intelligent. Apart from that he is unusually patient for a troll, a fact that has earned him the respect of several Kepacks who have thrown their support behind him in his claim for the chief position. At this stage, however, he does not have enough clan members behind him to take and hold the coveted position and is working to this end.

Kepack Liss Gorhuss

He is a young but powerful wielder of the shamanic powers of the trolls., Liss Gorhuss is entirely ruthless and highly intelligent for a troll. Significantly underestimated by many of the older kepacks, Liss promotes this false assumption of the elder kepacks, seeking to use it to his own end. He has thrown his support behind Lierchack and is content for now to whisper in the potential chief's ear to direct him on his path to power.