"You know the road? It isn't just the place that goes from one point to another, oh no, don't let anyone mislead you like that. The road is a wonderful new world of discoveries and adventures, it's the place where legends begin, it's the place where destiny takes you by the heels and whisks you away into the unknown. The road indeed is not just a pass; it's a journey in itself! But don't take my words to heart, the road is not for me to explain, it is for you to experience. So grab your pack, pick a good stick, and take that first step. You won't know it until you walk it. And if you find anything interesting along the way, make sure you pick it up to trade for other goodies!"

~ Words from Layson Pincher to his son

Deliar teaches that in order to lead a fulfilling life, one must constantly strive to discover new ways to trade with the world. His objectives and priorities deal with a harmonious existence in which everything is spread throughout all the communities that touch any goods or services that can be bartered with. The Lucky Wanderer promotes wealth, yes, but such wealth should not be enjoyed at the expense of others - particularly not at the expense of the community as a whole. Thus, he welcomes success in monetary gains as long as other needs have been satisfied.

Carrying their families with them if necessary, all followers of the Merchant of Fate are encouraged to explore the world; because the only way to truly appreciate existence as a whole, is by exploring all its possibilities and letting others know of the treasures from distant lands. These treasures aren't just in gold but in all the uniqueness a culture can offer. Particularly, in the things they create to identify themselves - that way, there is a bit of everyone all over Layonara.

To hone your skills as a tradesman, is to worship Deliar at what he does best, which is to understand the true value of an item and make everyone gain from it even though perhaps the person they are exchanging with may not at first see the bigger picture. In the end, as long as no one is harmed by the trade, their role has been fulfilled. The best kind of exchange is the kind where each side walks away feeling like they came out on top.

Finally, all those who follow the path of the Lucky Wanderer understand that little in life is predictable, that the roads in life have only the certainty of uncertainty within them, and that every turn may throw at them a good or bad experience. The concept of luck and fate, whether good or bad, is embraced by all Deliarites fully since they know the fruits of today may not be as bountiful as those of tomorrow, and life does particularly well in bringing surprise to everyone. Because of this, many worshipers of Deliar are extremely superstitious and have many quirky rituals and talismans that must be performed or carried before embarking on a particular journey or going on about their daily routines.

  • Aliases: Lucky Wanderer, Merchant of Fate, Wind of Destiny
  • Race: Halfling
  • Worshippers: Halflings (usually male) and merchants or shopkeepers of every race.
  • Governs: Family, Fate, Harmony, Luck, Money, Trade, Wealth
  • Mantras: Materialistic, Nomadic, Public, Rural