Dorand: Prayers and Holy Days


Prayers are most often said while crafting. There is no given time to pray, no set hours; any time a craftsman is working is a good time to thank the Master Crafter. However, the anvil is the place where most followers feel closest to Dorand. This has led to the Smithy's Hymn, an intoned prayer that is chanted while hammering. Often modified to fit a specific situation or craft, a generic version sung by someone working metal might sound like:

"Lord (clang) Forge (clang) be my guide (clang) be the strength (clang) in my arms (clang). Master (clang) Crafter (clang) guide my strike (clang) watch my fold (clang) hone my edge (clang) praise be Dorand (clang) praise be Dorand (clang)."

This prayer is changed by circumstances. A tailor might hum it while cutting or stitching, a mason while chipping. Dorand's followers will often fund their quest for perfection by selling items they make. As they rise through the ranks and study the Way of the Hammer, however, they sell their wares less often and these items are given instead to Dorand as thanks.

Holy Days
  • Tempering

    Called once every season, most often on the first day of spring, summer, fall, and winter, this is both a celebration of the Master Crafter and the time when hopefuls put forth their works and pray for a rise in ranks. Judging groups are chosen at random to prevent favoritism, and several days per applicant are allowed, giving the entire event a length of one to two weeks depending on numbers. Workshops are also given on specialized techniques. Those who are Acolytes may freely ask for guidance or even apprenticeship from any of the assembled. There are no contests on who is the best at a particular craft, however. It is well known that only Dorand can make that determination. The only person a crafter competes against is himself.

While most of the Tempering is dedicated to review of craft and decisions about advancement, there is one evening at each of the four yearly events that gets as wild as any Dorandite can: the Tasting. During this night, traditionally the last evening of each Tempering, all those crafters who are also brewers bring out bottles, flagons, and casks of their finest to be judged by all assembled. This is the only judging where they vie to be judged last, since there is very little decorum expected and a judge who has already sampled 10 brews is likely to look very favorably on the 11th. Anyone visiting the Citadel this night is advised to secure their crafted items and materials away from the flying mugs and bodies beforehand.