Elf: Composition

Elves are naturally agile, their lithe frames and quick legs easily adapting to new situations. Their centuries of living in their wild forest homes make them almost feline in their movements. Elves seem regal in their behavior.

Their long life spans have granted elves an uncanny insight. By listening to the hidden messages in the forest and observing the passing of generations of shorter-lived races, they are gifted, or cursed, by being able to view things from an outsider's perspective. This usually grants them a unique outlook few other races possess. In addition, their endless wisdom is admired or respected by others, and their influence over others can be quite significant.

Elves are generally able to get out of harm's way. Yet, when they are struck, the blow is often damaging. Their fragile bones and delicate skin crack and bruise at the slightest impact and often require healing magics.

Their elongated life span makes them passive at times when faced with the more energetic and active races; elves lack the endurance to keep up with them. Not being used to their hectic lifestyles, elves seem to want to take forever to do something. In reality, they are just doing it at their own pace.
Whenever faced with challenges, the more graceful a problem can be solved, the better.

Because their bodies only support their own lithe frames, they never wield ungainly weapons that rely on brute strength. Finally, their ways usually involve a sharp mind and the ability to avoid heavy labor.