Fisterion the Red is probably the most powerful dragon on Layonara. Residing in Fire Mountain, in the Firesteep Mountain range, he's the self-proclaimed king of the dragons. During the time that Bloodstone roamed the lands, Fisterion and the other four remaining dragons were in hiding. Near the end of the war, the heroes who called themselves the Dragon Called attempted to unite the dragons against Blood, an attempt which eventually succeeded although the cause for which the dragons united was never entirely clear.

In any case, there is some truth in the self-proclamation of Fisterion as king of dragons, as one of the conditions he set for joining the alliance was that all dragons, especially Shadrixkayl, recognize him as king of the dragons on Layonara.

Some stories also say that Fisterion was the first child of the dragon god Pyrtechon.

Race: Dragon
Age: Unknown
Location: Fire Mountain