Gray Elf

Gray Elves are one of the many kinds of surface Elves on Layonara. They are among the tallest and most intelligent of their kin, and yet have a certain aura of arrogance about them. They are probably the most arrogant type of elf, seeking to put great distance between themselves and other races, including other elven races. The Gray Elves live deep in the mountains, past the point where even the dwarves turn around and go home. Gray Elves are a noble people, however, and seek to uphold good wherever they can.

Gray Elves make excellent wizards, yet most remain secluded in their mountain homes. They conceal these homes with warding and illusory magics so that unknowing races leave them alone, and so that only the worthy will enter their domains. Be wary, though, because once stirred the Gray Elves will attack with highly disciplined knights mounted on war-trained griffons or hippogryphs, with the support of their uncanny wizards.

Gray Elves are much more arrogant and aloof than other elven races. They regard every other race with disdain, even other elven races. They only have respect for other Gray Elves. Most Gray Elves are full of themselves, and usually only listen to themselves or other Gray Elves.

Even so, they believe that they are one of the greatest protectors of good in the world and they work tirelessly to uphold this vigil. Though they feel this sense of noblesse oblige, it still takes the threat of a very great evil force to stir them from their isolated homes in deep in the mountains.

When dealing with the few others that they do respect, Gray Elves are very noble and honorable, doing everything to make sure a promise is kept or a common enemy is defeated. To most common folk, though, Gray Elves mainly resemble arrogant knights.

Physical Description:
Gray Elves are unusually tall for elves, but are also more thinly built, lacking the strength and agility of their lesser cousins. Living in the mountains has accustomed them to harsh climates and the like, and as such they are more enduring than common elves. Gray Elves are among the smartest of elvenkind, and this is probably what contributes to their somewhat aloof behavior towards other races, including other elven races. Gray Elves tend to wear noble clothing and armor, with the mages wearing splendid robes colored white, silver, yellow, or gold that are often adorned with shining metals such as silver and mithril, or jewels. The Gray Elven warriors tend to don chain or platemail of shimmering metals; they also tend to wear metal helmets sporting distinctive wings. They prefer deep blue or purple cloaks.

Gray Elves always have very pale skin, and tend to have gray or silver hair, along with amber eyes. Gray Elves with pale golden hair and violet eyes have been spotted, but these are very rare.

Relations with other races:
Gray Elves are doubtlessly the most haughty and aloof of the surface elves; they think almost nothing of other races, even other elven races. Gray Elves prefer to stay as isolated from other races as possible, and reside deep within the mountain ranges of Layonara. Due to living in the mountains, they have forged a friendship with the birds living there, and are bitter enemies with the giants also seeking claim to the peaks.

Gray Elves are usually of good alignment. They tend more towards being lawful than chaotic.

Most devout Gray Elves tend to follow a deity of elven origin due to their disdain for “lesser” races.


  • All Gray Elves speak common and elven.
  • Other languages commonly known by Gray Elves are (Note that starred languages are not available to player characters in-game):
    • Sylvan*
    • Auran*
    • Language of birds

Player character Grey Elves will not be given the ability to speak languages other than Common or Elven unless they are clearly defined in the character submission biography. Player characters must have a minimum intelligence of 12 to be fluent in another language.

    Issauria Windshear, Alin'dae Amberleaf, Sieylianna Silverdawn

Though it might seem like Gray Elves aren't the types to go adventuring, lone Gray Elves leaving their mountainous homes seeking adventure is not unheard of. They see themselves as champions of good and as such some will go out into the world to defeat any kind of evil lurking in the shadows. Even so, this does not mean that the adventurous Gray Elves have let their arrogance and contempt for lesser races go.


  • Gray elf is a subrace, please see the subrace system page for more information.
  • Use the Elf NWN standard race for character creation.
  • NWN syntax entered into Subrace Field:
    • grayelf
    • Grayelf
    • GrayElf
  • Racial Qualities:
    • +2 Intelligence, -2 Strength (ESA -2 STR, -2 DEX, +2 CON, +2 INT)