Grimal: Mannerisms

Grimals behave much like the felines they resemble. Skittish to anyone they do not know, changing their pace from a slow and meditative approach to a blurry outburst of speed in mere seconds, and playful when finding something that amuses them.

Behavior varies visibly between genders. Male grimals are far more serious than their female counterparts. Always frowning and keeping an eye on their surroundings to an extreme degree, some even say they sleep with their eyes open. Their pace is measured by determination and a strong sense of self. Male grimals spend far more time on two legs than female ones, and they often make it a point to show their great manes.

Female grimals are far more active. Their constant movement is one that resembles an amused house cat — always going from one place to another looking at things that may catch their interest and being rather skittish when presented with the unknown. When in calmer environments, female grimals move in soft patterns on all fours, appreciating their personal space with each stride they take.

When confronted in battle, grimals use the battlefield as a playground; that is, if their original strike did not eliminate the victim. They often go to great lengths to put distance between themselves and their enemies. They then use their tremendous speed to their advantage and strike in waves. Landing a blow with a melee weapon on a grimal moving at top speed is a feat on its own.