Grimal: Relations, Environment, Society, Religion

Distrusting as they are of others, grimals rarely form any sort of relation with other races. They keep to themselves and only approach others when it becomes a necessity. Furthermore, they do not like debt and rarely let it stand for too long.

Occasionally, grimals can be seen with elves, yet even so, the slow pace of the elven race makes grimals impatient. At best, they establish relations due to their interest in natural environments. Not that they particularly hate technology, but it is hard to hunt within a city and not be liable to artificial laws.

Grimals can be found everywhere in Layonara's diverse ecology. Most live in temperate climates, and it is common to see grimals wandering on vast plains. Yet mountain, snow, jungle, and swamp grimals are not unheard of; they simply take upon the properties and behaviours of the local felines of the area.

The few grimal tribes (or packs) that have been established have a very loose social structure. Because they're mostly short-term alliances, the composition of a tribe varies over time. Members mostly follow the strongest or the eldest. This varies though from place to place. Regardless of how a pack has been formed, there are no rules or unspoken conditions on gender; both males and females have the same weight in words as long as they are backed up by actions.

There is no known grimal deity. Grimals are thought to worship their ancestors, occasionally worshipping nature-related deities like Katia or those of the hunt like Kithairien or Folian S'pae.