Hiso: History and Rumors

Situated in one of the prime locations in Bilkan, Hiso has easy access to the security and safety of Bilkan Castle and the strong farming lands of the mesa. It is a perfect resting place for travelers and merchants traveling to or from the port town of Creedo, pilgrims and clerics often pass through on their way to the mido's castle. The town is mainly populated by the farmers who work the fields.

Standard facilities are available throughout the village, inns, taverns, blacksmiths, bakers, tanners, all protected by the fairly solid stone wall that surrounds the village. Its stones dragged from the nearby mountains. The wall itself dates back to the founding of Hiso, a founding date which cannot be traced back or identified. Some believe there has always been a village on this spot, at least for as long as the Skyline volcano has been dormant.

A recent attempt by archaeologists to excavate part of the village to determine its founding date and search for older ruins was vigorously blocked. Both the villagers and local druids put up such a fiery protest, even resorting to sabotaging the camps of the excavating group so that the local sitchu traveled to Bilkan Castle personally in order to see the kagi and request for the dig to be cancelled. This, of course, sparked rumors and wonder as to whether the village was trying to hide something underneath its foundations, but this seems unlikely to be discovered now.

The most recent news from the village came when a small patrol of Bilkan troops arrived. They requested assistance with the war against Telish and wanted men to sign up with the army. It was the local sitchu who delivered a rather vague, disheartening speech, demanding that the troops leave the town and that none of the villagers should volunteer for such a farcical service as he put it. It is uncertain as to what punishment the kagi may instill upon the sitchu, if any, as such an act goes against the honor and loyalty the country is founded upon.