Karrak's Weaponry

Several centuries ago, when Belinara was still called the Roughlands, the Guild of Power was the place where fighters and weapon masters from all over Layonara came to practice and hone their skills to perfection. The guild's founder, Karrak, started a tradition known as the Guild Championships to further this dedication to excellence in weapons and melee combat, and this tradition was carried on by Karrak's successors.

Once every decade, the guild's current leader would host the Guild Championships, inviting weapon masters from all over Layonara to come and cross blades and compete. There was a championship for every single type of melee weapon, and these championships would go on for weeks. In the end, there was always a winner for each type of weapon, and these skilled fighters would then be anointed Master of the weapon in question.

The title of Master was not just a ceremonial title; the new Masters would also receive the Master's Weapon. These weapons were specially commissioned by Karrak when he founded his guild, and the weapon became the Master's to bear for the decade until the next championship. These weapons were things of beauty and great power, and a Master's weapon could always be recognized by the Guild of Power's emblem somewhere on the weapon's striking surface.

Unfortunately, the Guild was eventually destroyed and Karrak's tradition of the Guild Championships finally ended. The weaponry of the Masters has been scattered across the continents over the years. It is possible that whoever now holds each of these great weapons may not even aware of the history and the power of the weapons they possess.