Keel Racers

These romantic vessels are commonly found in the possession of the rich and wealthy all over the world. The ship's concept was originally designed by an eccentric merchant and active sailor, Karl Vostillion of Katherian. Over several years, Karl earned a reputation as a flamboyant and debonair swashbuckler who was always up to some villainy. It was often reported that when plotting any new mischief, he would twirl his ample mustache and say: "Once aboard my "Racer" the girl is mine. No one can resist my irrepressible charm and my sleek racing vessel".

Whether the girls he either enticed or kidnapped were afraid of Karl or not has never been confirmed. Karl's true legacy was the Racers themselves, which became very popular as they were built to sail in any weather and had a reputation of being quick and reliable. Whether you are being pursued by furious fathers or contraband seeking customs officers, the Racers are a sure way to avoid capture.

The Keel Racer is a tried and true design that lends itself to many alterations. A simpler version of it has been built for fishing in the smaller villages throughout world, while those wealthy enough turn them into pleasure cruisers or sleek, fast racing ships built them for use in tournaments. It is not unheard of for these ships to also have undergone magical alterations to enhance their already unique features.