Metal: Notable People

Granth Brengal

Childhood friend of Krail Rhugal and the most likely candidate to ascend to the vacant position of Naazdah Zhazhaurh. Granth is a staunch supporter of Krail and is likely to instantly cut down any person who even hints that Krail is a poor ruler. There is no place for rumor, supposition, or hearsay in his world; these things border on insubordination and are grounds for immediate punishment.

Granth has fiery red hair and coal black eyes, just like his father before him. Granth is a master of the dwarven battle ax, knowledgeable of both technique and history. He has little time for the niceties of humor or tact. He is blunt and forward if he has something to say, and idle commentary is rare from this dwarf. He is quite proud, and is both well educated and well traveled. Granth is also a devoted father and husband and has a strong passion for music. The chaotic and loud sounds of battle often inspire tidbits of his own creations, his personal offering to Vorax. He has been the Naazdah uogh of Metal for nearly as long as Krail has been Naazdah Zhazhaurh.

Meltarg Rannagal

There isn't a more well-loved figure in Metal. Meltarg, often called Mal, is surrogate mother to every warrior in the city. In Mal's opinion, the worst curse would be to march into battle and die on an empty stomach. She is the creator of Pumice Soaked Curr, now a Rhugal's Realm delicacy. Created to honor Brunger Rhugal's passing into Vorax's realm, it quickly took the town by storm. It was a great feat, and it is probably her life's masterpiece to have created it and had enough to feed the town during the processional bearing Brunger's body and his induction into the Zhazhaurh'th Wurlpo (Warrior's Tomb), since this dish takes a week to prepare and requires ingredients from the sea. Despite these challenges, Mal never questioned the feasibility of her goal. Her faith to Dorand and her strong belief in what Rhugal's Realm is about led her to create this honor. Truly, it was a tribute to all the fallen warriors who had courageously given themselves to The Cause. Her dish has since become a traditional meal for the standing army of Metal, eaten before every great battle. Mal's love of cooking and her care and support of the warriors of the kingdom are known throughout the realm.

Yer rotguted lad, dere's onnle one r'al fix fer it. Me fam'us Rh'lazia Thurazgad Curr. ~Meltarg Rannagal

Rh'lazia Thurazgad (Pumice Soaked) Curr
1 Curr, whole bone in
7 buckets of white pumice (rh'lazia) crushed
sea water
sea salt
kraudia flowers
kraudia leaves
kraudia seeds

Take whole Curr and make a rub of the freshly crushed kraudia seeds and salt. Leave as much of the rub on the flesh as possible. Make a packing of the pumice and soak in bucket of sea water. Change the water once every 3 hours, replacing pumice packing as necessary. Repeat this process for 4 days. Unpack the remainder of the pumice and rinse completely from the flesh. Lay in a bed of kraudia flowers and leaves. Wrap in roughsack cloth and tie shut. Using the remaining pumice in the coals of the fire in a pit. Bury the Curr and fire leaving a small portion on one of the sides of the pit open. Let smoke for 12 hours. Remove from the fire pit and roughsack. Peel from the bones and serve over grits and grind fresh kraudia seeds to taste.
~As translated by Dram Brill, Aragen Preist