Mirikel: Politics

The state must provide for those that need the most care even if it must temporarily take from those that have too much. Queen Miranda's official policy is that her kingdom must unite for a better future for all its citizens, even if the wealthy must pay more taxes and have some land taken from them to split into family farms. She knew that when the clouds cleared and the land blossomed to its fullness, her island kingdom would be ready to assume a better role in the world's economy then during all its history before her crowning.

Justice and laws are enforced on a local level based on a code drawn up by the Queen's Council. Laws are mostly in line with recommendations of the church of Rofirein. There is a single higher tribunal that only judges matters of national importance.

Internal policy focuses on the distribution of wealth'strongly supported by the non-human races and opposed by the human plutocracy. She has managed to avoid internal dissent by deciding all issues on her own and reaching compromises that have been satisfactory. However, she is not afraid to use coercion through her military or her alliances to reach a goal. The more challenging factor is to keep the plutocrats quiet.

To Miranda, current foreign policy is dictated by demand and that is to trade for raw materials and to export foodstuffs until the Mirikel Kingdom manages to produce enough food for its own and profits fill national coffers.