Mist: Hierarchy - Murray

Murray: Tide of the Northwest

Murray Areson was born as third son to the chief of a small band of Krashin barbarians. The band may have been small, but it was well respected within its territorial boundaries. Third in line for any chance to succeed his sire, Murray fell to the way of arms to prove himself to his family and his people. Succession within his tribe was as much a right of might as it was birth. While other warriors chose to wield the blade, Murray's hand was more at ease with the swing of a morningstar. The young warrior reveled in the chaos of battle and did well. His fierceness earning him a reputation as one not to cross, a reputation that some say might have won him his tribe's leadership had the sea not called to his blood.

Murray joined a band of warriors bent on raiding the shores of Mistone. It was his first time on the water, even having been raised on an Isle that reveres the seafarer way of life. It was as if Mist called him personally. The first night out of sight of land the seas heaved and rolled as the might of Lady Doom tossed the vessel about like a toy in a tub. While other sailors took cover in their berths, Murray joined the vessel's cleric on the bow as he paid homage to the Lady of the Sea. In interim years, Murray learned the ways of the oceans and the crafts that sail upon them. His reverence for Lady Doom helped him to turn the tide of battle as his small fleet became his new tribe. His reputation is that of a fierce, untamed spirit that roams the oceans in search of adventure and plunder in the name of Mist. The flagship of his small fleet is the Temptation.

The chiseled hard features of the raven-haired man that captains her can often been seen off the bow giving homage to Lady Doom. It is said that his promotion to Tide of the Northwest was more by way of charming the current Tempest than it was the services of his morningstar.