Mist: Prayers and Holy Days


"Mist, may I draw my spirit's strength from the sea,
may my spirit be as free as the sea is boundless,
may I be untamed as your storms,
and may I find my strength in them
that I may be more in tune with you."

-Yashilla Menneseph, Tide of the North

Devotees of Mist prefer a driving storm to pray in or, at the very least, a nice heavy rain. It is not uncommon for a Trade Wind or a Voice of Mist to summon a storm before kneeling, the more to please the Lady of Seas. There is no set time of day for prayers; whatever suits the one doing the praying. One exception is prayer to Mist for good sailing weather. These pleas are usually done in favorable weather with the hopes for more.

Holy Days

The one day celebrated by Mist followers everywhere is the day of her ascension. However, since no one knows what day this actually is, it is celebrated each successive day per year. The constantly changing date pleases Mist and makes the celebration different depending on the time of year and supplies available. In addition, any serious storm event'hurricane, tornado, tsunami, blizzard'will bring together followers of Lady Doom for a party in her name.