Mist: Temples

Temples of Mist tend to be situated near the ocean'open to the sea breeze where possible. Buildings appear light and delicate, but always contain hidden strength sufficient to withstand any unexpected storm. The whole interior is usually bathed in a subtle blue light, and visitors can always feel moisture and the tang of the sudden storm biting against their skin. Pools of water are common and are often found placed at seemingly random intervals throughout the complex, though many speculate that there is reason in such seemingly odd placements.

Shrine of Gales

Located out on the water near the Leringard docks, the Shrine of Gales is the largest permanent structure to Mist currently standing. There was once a larger temple near the Mountain of Storms, and there are rumors that another temple may be built on Dregar, but for now, the Shrine stands alone as the only structure large enough to host festivals and big gatherings.

Like most of the smaller representations and the shrines, the Shrine of Gales is mostly open to the elements. The amphitheater where the Voices perform during celebrations is likewise open, inviting Lady Doom to express her joy at her faithful with storms and thundershowers.