Mistone-Rohden Defense Treaty

Mistone-Rohden Defense Treaty, or MRDT, is a defense pact signed by the Mistone Alliance and the Rohden Alliance. The treaty included agreement to provide mutual military support against Bloodstone and to provide emergency relief in the case of natural disasters. Proposed by the Triumvirate, the discussions were conducted onboard the MAS Continuation of the Politics and finally signed by Triumvir Maru and Greatwatcher Wu-Chang.

Unfortunately, both Mistone and Rohden were caught off guard by Blood's assault on the Rohdenian islands. Virtually every city on Tilmar and Corsain were captured before the Mistone Alliance could mount any attempt to aid the kingdom. With everything in ruins, the Alliance stuck to the Treaty and is the only force providing security to the returning refugees.

This treaty has now be voided by the Triumvirate, led by Triumvir Meteior with Triumvir Lorn dissenting.