Order of the Shining Hand

Formerly called the Order of the Unliving Hunters, this small sect within the Church was also a part of the Judiciary before the schism. The Order is made up of Paladins; at last count 301 men and women. The tie that binds this group is devotion. While every order boasts piety, the Shining Hand uses their faith as their primary weapon when hunting and dispatching unliving. In addition, many of the duties of the Justicers that the Order of the Longsword has not picked up have fallen to the Shining Hand.

The Order of the Unliving Hunters began as a subset of Paladins who specialized out of necessity during a war on a group of necromantic practitioners, over a thousand years ago on Alindor. Trained in the most effective ways to battle and destroy unliving, the group thrived and found use, and the Order came soon after. The meeting hall at the fallen temple in Prantz was said to hold portraits of the Hands going back six hundred years.

The Order is lead by the Hand, which until Quantum Windword has always been a paladin. He or she answers only to the Auscultare and Heart of Toran, and has tremendous pull inside the Church. Under the Hand are two Armsmen, chosen by vote. The current hand is Theodosia Varamost