Phoniex Tower: History and Rumors

The Tyr-Song Field is in a well-known spot that serves as the main training grounds for the Youth Corps. But to its south, the Phoniex Wood is a place of mystery and, to a certain point, fear. Rumors and stories told at the Youth Corps camps tell of strange beasts walking the land by day and by night; creatures of strange shapes and forms that roam the land in search of prey.
What is known about this stretch of land is that once foul magic thrived in ruins in the darkest patch of the wood. The Phoniex Tower was built to keep a watchful eye over it; although, it was already abandoned before the occupation. The tower, after so many years, is tilted at a strange angle, as though the land under it has tried to swallow it, and the entrance now lays open for all to risk themselves. Tales suggest that the shapes that walk the wood and nearby plains return here before the breaking of morning. The vile symbols etched on the outermost trees lend themselves to the belief that whatever lives in the tower and wood is not only vicious but also intelligent.