Player Guilds and Organizations

Guilds, associations, clans and the like are an excellent way to promote role playing and should be created with that intent in mind. Whether you are organizing a group of crafters and merchants, establishing a tavern for local heroes, or promoting a small sect of magic users, role playing and management will be the glue that holds your organization together.

Many player run groups exist in Layonara and some even have their own threads on the forums. Please understand that simply wanting to be a member or the creator of an organization does grant one the right to establish the guild, association, clan, etc. As a community and family oriented server, rules have been put in place to protect players and the community from harassment and griefing.

There is no magic formula to creating a PC run organization on Layonara. Yet, there are certainly a few things to bear in mind during the creation of your player ran organization. Simply put, guilds, associations, and clans that invoke or use deities, telepathy, sex, markings, or do not follow the rules of organizations and the community in general will not be approved. All organizations must follow the rules and requirements of the game world at all levels. The guild leader is held personally responsible for all actions of that organization. That is not to say that it is only the leaders responsibility as every person should be responsible for their own actions.

All PC run organizations must be approved by Leanthar before they come in to existence in the world. If this does not happen then the organization will not exist and the player(s) will be asked to not RP that organization. All PC run organizations must have a leader and four other active characters at all times or it will likely be removed from the world. The leader (player) must be an active and respected member in the world and on the forums for at least six real life months, the character must also be at least twelfth level. The other four pc characters (remember there must be at least four other members) must be at least level six.

We strongly prefer that a single character does not belong to more than one organization at a time as it can (and often does) cause in-game and rules issues. We do make exceptions from time to time but it must be cleared through the GM team before it happens. In no instance will a PC be approved to belong to two different merchant or crafting sorts of organization or two opposing kingdoms or organizations of any sort. No player may have more than one character in a given guild, even if using a different NwN account. This is ripe for muling and crosses the boundry that is acceptable. What this means is that a player may have multiple characters in multiple guilds/organizations but they can not have more than one character in a single guild/organization.

To request to run an organization the leader must submit the following information to Leanthar at

  • Leader Character Name and Forum Name

  • Four members -Character and Forum Names

  • Organization Headquarters Location

  • Overall Alignment

  • Goal of the Organization -At least a half dozen sentences

  • Short History of the Organization -At least dozen sentences describing the history of the organization and how it came in to existence. We strongly prefer a longer and more thorough description.

  • Acknowledgement to the rules of running organizations

We also ask that as a token of your appreciation for your guild setup, that you take the time to comment on and rate Layonara at this link:

Once the organization is approved it will cost the leader 75,000gp to get it started. This can be paid to any GM once approved. A private forum will be set up once the gold is paid. All guild halls cost extra and are treated as normal player housing, guild halls are no longer created for guilds'guilds must purchase player houses just like normal players. At that point it is up to the leader to communicate with the team, it is not the GM's team responsibility to communicate with the organization.

As a final note:
There will be no specialized scripting for any business or guild venture. We can not do this as it will lead to players feeling cheapened or feeling like there is favoritism happening. It should be done via RP and via player actions. We will provide the buildings as player housing that is purchased as normal by players and guild/guild members. We will also provide items and placeables as is normal through everyday gaming and purchasing from players and vendors or harvesting and farming. These ventures are up to the players to get right and up to the players to be successful. Success can be defined in a number of ways including profits or a high level of RP.