Races : NWN

Player Races

Some races have alignment restrictions on submission. Please see the individual race pages for details; some races may change alignments through roleplay, others might not. Also keep in mind that some races may not have barred alignments, but have alignments that are atypical or exceptional for the race, and may require additional support in a character submission to justify deviation from the norm.

Brownie 2222
Dark Elf CACA2499
Deep Gnome 22222499
Deep Dwarf CACA2499
Dwarf AAAAA499
Elf AAAAA499
Forest Gnome 22222499
Ghostwise Halfling 22222499
Gnome AAAAA499
Goblin CACA2*49*
Gold Dwarf 22222499
Gray Elf 22222499
Half Elf 22222499
Halfling AAAAA499
Human AAAAA499
Orc CACA2499
Rock Gnome 22222499
Sea Elf 22222499
Strongheart Halfling22222499
Sun Elf 22222499
Wemic 22222499
Wild Elf 22222499
Wood Elf 22222499
blank = not playable.
A = playable by all players, including first time players.
2 = returning players only.
4 = requires a minimum of four months of community membership, and GM approval.
9 = requires a minimum of nine months of community membership, and GM approval.
CA = Cleric of Az'atta only.
* Spellcasters only
Due to the events of 1421, no half-race PC can be younger than the age necessary that they be born before this point.
These ages also apply to the various subraces.