Rofirein: Prayers and Holy Days

All clerics use a statue of a golden dragon as a focal point for worship and blessing. In temples, it is common practice for adherents to come to touch the statue of the great dragon and ask for guidance in difficult times. His clerics pray at least twice a day, both in the morning and in the evening. Their prayers are often straight and to the point when the path is already known. They often involve invoking particular aspects of the All-Seeing like the strength of their claws or the protection of their scales.
Holy Days
  • Celebration of the Common Law
    Each year a temple is nominated to have the honor of holding this celebration. It continues over a whole week and the temple hosts worshipers and those of the faith from around the world. An entire week of celebrations and activities is undertaken from legal debates, to hearings, to typical fair attractions for everyone to participate in with one of the biggest draw cards being the tournaments. It truly is a festive atmosphere. The entire week leads into the final day when the Charter of the Common Laws of Layonara are carried in honor through the streets of the city in which the celebration is taking place and then placed within the temple. Once there, under heavy guard, anyone and everyone can come and view the charter. These weeks often attract huge crowds of people not only for the festivities put on but for the simple chance to view the charter. For it is this charter, which has changed so many of their lives.
  • Day of Arnuthen
    Every year on this day, a special service is held in every temple, shrine, and abode of Rofirein around the world. Each person wears pure white robes and a symbol of the compass around their necks. During the service, clerics walk among the people and place a smear of mud over their heart and tear the left shoulder of their garment to symbolize the clothes worn by Arnuthen when he saved the people from the ancient enemy. Once that part of the service is done, people come forward to receive the blessing of the high justiciar and are given a brand new robe to place over their ruined one to symbolize a new beginning offered by Rofirein. This day is considered to be one of the faith's most holy days.
  • Vigil of the Dragon's Eye
    Once every twenty-eight days, when Ausir reaches its peak in the night sky, Rofirein's most devout followers pray to the All-Seeing as the great silver moon seems to feed the constellation with power, making it grow bright in the night sky. This is a time for quiet prayers and remembrance of the Lord Protector's care and love for the people. On these days, clergy often go out into the homes of the common people and distribute coins, food, and whatever aid they can.