Sedera Kingdom: Government

The Abt are proud of their ability to trace their blood to the ancient city in the Ruins of the Keeper, Zxar. The kings of Sedera come from stock that still show the graceful ears, luminous eyes, and delicate features that marked the rulers of the once-great city. The more elven the features, the more true blood the ruler is said to have; this adds to the ruler's clout tremendously. However, this has been abused more than once, and within the last century it appears that the elven blood has finally been exhausted.

Currently, a future jnaar is chosen from among the children of the current jnaar before his death. There have been three jnaara in the history of Sedera, usually only if no male heirs were born. Succession is generally kept to immediate family unless there is none, in which case a younger sibling or niece or nephew may ascend. If families blend and the royal line is dying out, then a merger of names as appropriate to Abt traditions may be negotiated (as in the case of Ravorinin).

The jnaar is the leader of the kingdom, and his word is law once it has been approved by a majority of the Sand Sea Synod. Before 452, when the pretender Javor Ophril'am took the throne, the king's word was enough. After this violent manipulation of the bloodlines though, the patriarch or matriarch of each family that could count more than 500 members joined together to provide a block to unlimited rule and the Sand Sea Synod was created. As each standing city was founded, a representative was sent to join. Megath, since their sedition, have sent an emissary when needed to secure agreements or revamp old treaties.

The Sand Sea Synod is currently 27 people. The king must get a majority agreement from them to initiate any action. While this sounds difficult, and can be, the government still works better than expected.

The arms of Sedera are the colors of the family of the jnaar with a scimtari lengthwise over the top. The Ravorinin family cloth is small light green strip, wide dark green strip, small bright yellow strip, small red strip, large dark green strip, small blue strip, and small red strip.