Servants of the Al'Noth

The Servants of the Al'Noth are a somewhat peculiar part of the Church of Lucinda, if it is an actual part of the Church at all. Their main focus is on the last part of Lucinda's dogma: "Do everything you can for the Al'Noth, for otherwise, magic may fade away." Members are few and scattered across Layonara, but consist of all types of magic users, be they cleric, sorcerer, wizard, or bard.

The Servants will go out of their way to protect, preserve, and maintain the Al'Noth and actively seek out those who try to corrupt or destroy the Al'Noth. This does not mean that evil magic users are sought out and destroyed, but rather that unnatural use of magic is sought out and stopped, like magical experiments gone awry, wild magic areas, unbound fiends, or liches.