Shindaleria: Temples

Shindaleria does not have actual temples in the manner that we are used to with other gods and goddesses. The entire ocean and the rivers, lakes, and streams that return to it are her temple. One is always within the temple of Mother Ocean if one is immersed in her waters. However, there does exist a multitude of underwater shrines in dedication to her. These can be as simple as some prayer carved into an underwater shelf or the transformation of a sunken hull with coral statues and offerings of other tiny ocean treasures for her favor.

Shindaleria's shrines are used to record events in the seas, and Mother Ocean's clerics travel there once in a while to record past events in the cave walls. The locations of the most ancient shrines containing the most ancient history of Layonara are guarded secrets known only to a few of the oldest sea elves. Those who venerate Mother Ocean but live above the waves, still incorporate water into the sanctums in which they chose to worship her. Often these places of worship are found in seaside cliffs and caves that are submerged for part of the time and open for those who cannot breathe underwater at other times. Waterwalkers often carry a coral figurine of a sea creature that they submerge and offer prayers too when they cannot submerge themselves.