Succession Kingdom: Notable People

Succession Kingdom: Notable People

Liege Lord Roland Lef'Chamet - He is short for a human and slightly built as are most of the Lef'Chamets. He has light olive skin and dark brown hair. He is even tempered for a Lef'Chamet and known to be patient in most things; although, he concerns himself most with building up the military and making sure they are properly trained. The everyday business of running the kingdom he leaves to his sister and wife, Anouk. The marriage is in name only though; Roland refuses to produce an heir with Anouk as she is his blood sister. He does have three children with his mistress Eva.

Liege Lady Anouk Lef'Chamet - She is said to be the spitting image of Imira. She's petite and moves like a hummingbird with the Lef'Chamet olive skin and dark hair. Her hair, rather than the deep brown of the last few generations, is a stunning midnight black, and she wears it very long. She also has swept-back, slightly elongated ears; although, she keeps her ears covered in public and blames Chan'te's tainted blood. Since the journals were briefly made available for study in the Sun Kingdom, however, it is clear Anouk shares no blood with Chan'te. Anouk also appears to be aging with the customary grace of her family; and at over six decades, she looks as young as a woman half her age. Liege Lady Anouk is a fiery and determined lady and not afraid to use her good looks to manipulate those around her. She is possessed of an absolutely unexplainable depth of knowledge of the past. She runs the kingdom quietly; much of her council is taken into secret meetings with her cousin Christophe. And like Roland, she refuses to consummate the marriage with her brother. She keeps a small stable of lovers for her pleasure. She has had no children that anyone knows of.

Count Christophe Rennik - He is a maverick in the Lef'Chamet family. His mother Claire married Glenn Rennik when she was effectively shuffled out of line for succession or title. Christophe's father was half a head taller than a tall man with pale skin and the blond hair of someone from the north. Christophe is taller than anyone else in his family and has light brown hair to compliment his dark Lef'Chamet eyes.

While he did not get the family looks, he certainly did get the family temper and demanding persona. Christophe is not a man to cross and is ruthless in his pursuit of expanding his liegess. With only South Fort as a source of income, rumors have spread that he intends to cut down part of the Sinister Forest to make room for another town; so far, that's unsubstantiated.

Countess Agitha Wurchester - She is another that strays from the Lef'Chamet looks. While she is petite like Anouk and most all the other women in the family, her hair shines red and her eyes are the green of the first week of spring. Her mother was also moved out of line for title and married a dashing ex-pirate from Hurm. Agitha learned much from her father. She is an accomplished duelist and strong-willed; some say reckless. But she also has stepped outside the boundaries of the family and runs a fair liegess. Granted, her control of profits from Lakeside make her second to Dhovisha in potential cash flow, and she's not shy about expressing her opinion of sharing her treasury with the dwarf. She is also the only member of the Lef'Chamet family that is a royal head of a liegess and does not live at Castle Succession.