Swamp of Reawakening: Notable People

Synia and Jeff Wildridge

Just before the trail plunges you knee deep into the swamps, it passes by a small grove of trees. Although almost impossible to see for those who know where to look, a rather well-built and sturdy wooden cottage can be spotted camouflaged against the backs of the trees. Curiously, a welcome mat sits at the doorway and laundry can be seen flapping in the breeze, hanging from various lines strung from tree to tree, and lush flowers grow in abundance around the foundations.

Here you would find Jeff and Synia Wildridge, a happily married couple living on the fringes of civilization. Synia is a druid of Katia and Jeff a ranger of the same. Both are excellent guides and escorts, taking the various clergy and druids deep into the swamps along the safest of paths and into the Grove of Slumber.

Although primarily an escort for Katian clergy, Jeff has been known to provide his services to others provided the "reason behind it is a bloody good one".