Taur'en Kingdom: Politics

Currently there are three main political factions. There are those loyal to the ideals of a Kingdom of Taur'en that has a place for all the races. There is the faction that would like to join with Sagewald and expel the dwarves from the hills and claim their resources for humanity. Countering that is the growing dwarven sentiment to protect their hills at any cost for the principles of dwarven culture and their right to the lands.

Currently King Bydell has been able to rally national pride in both Taur'en and the shaking of Milara's yoke enough to hold onto power, but his grip is a precarious one. Halfling leader and business man Troubadal Lightfingers of the Western Coast merchant's association in conjunction with human, elven and halfling merchants and craftsmen from both Taur'en and Sagewald has garnered a large following and has reported to be financing an army of his own to take control of the hill country and its rich mineral resources. The dark ages and focus on food as currency over metal and True was a damping force on both sides.

A third faction comes from the united clans under the mountain. True to their word thus far, a successor for King Angus has never been named after his departure. The throne in underground Lusaxen sits empty but there is plenty of rumbling of a revolt and a dwarven state devoid of any human interference. There has also been some intelligence regarding the possibility of annexing the hills to Erilyn as a self governed Barony with the military support of knights and dwarven fighters. This is denied by all levels of the Erilyn court.