The Looking Glass

For as long as can be remembered, people have been catching glimpses of their own reflections in silvered looking glasses, polished objects, or even the smooth, reflective surfaces of pools and lakes. There are even magic mirrors that show true reflections, or powerful diviners who can catch a glimpse of something beyond their own surrounds with enough talent, magic and time. Usually, such objects show no more than a glimpse--but what happens when the image becomes too clear? There is one such mirror still rumored to exist.

It is said that a powerful mythical item capable of showing such things was the product of the most unusual circumstances, created when a demon was bound to Layonara and cursed to remain there as a slave to his master. Through the ages, master and slave grow closer, though. Eventually, one might even have called them friends--at least as close to friends as a demon and an elf can become. It was then, at least as the legends would have us believe, that the master created a mirror and imbued this silvered glass with the power to see beyond Layonara and through to the Pits, allowing his slave to view his home in detail and with clarity whenever he wished.

Upon the death of the master, the slave was returned to his home Pit. As the mirror was never found, some believe that the demon may have taken the looking glass with him. Curiously, rumors say that the mirror's effect was reversed in the moment the demon returned to the Pits, and instead of showing images of the Pits it allowed the observer to view Layonara at any time they chose.

Not all believe the story. Some say the mirror never existed, and others that it has been long since destroyed or hidden. And yet, every so often, there are whispers that it might still exist, and that somewhere in the Pits, a demon is able to see into any corner of Layonara he wishes. Needless to say, if the stories are true, the mirror could prove incredibly dangerous in the wrong hands.