The Night Sky

The Night Sky

Two moons as well as countless stars populate Layonara's night sky. Many are just that, stars, but others are believed to be more, especially those part of constellations linked to a deity.

The Moons

Orn and Ausir are the two moons that circle Layonara. Orn has a white hue, whereas Ausir is more silvery. At night, at least one of the moons is always in the sky, and only once every couple of centuries does a completely moonless night occur.

Ausir's Silver, Orn is White,
One is always in my sight,
With the stars that shine so bright,
Guarding me throughout the night. When the dawn comes they are gone
But I know, not gone for long.
When the night comes they'll be there
Shining down their light so fair.
- old lullaby


The Deity Constellations

Aragen's Book

Beryl's Geode

Ebony Stars

Giantess' Supremacy

Goran's Tool

Great Falcon

Great Tide

Her Eyes

Ilsare's Heart

Justice of Him

Ladies of the Seas

Lucinda's Necklace

Prunilla's Gift

Rhazzka The Hunter

Sulterio's Bane

The Black Hound

The Claw

The Creator's Hammer

The Enlightened Path

The Eternal Flame

The Gold's Eye

The Prince's Hatred

The Trickster's Toy

The Triennial Sphere or Life Calendar

Toran's Light

Traveler's Luck

Vierdri'ira's Constellation

Xeen's Pain or Xeen's Ensnarement or Xeen's Gift


Other Constellations
At the end of the fourteenth century, two constellations appeared that are not related to any of twenty eight deities in the pantheon:

The Scorpion

Believed to have first appeared in the sky in the year 1381, the constellation of the Scorpion is still very dim, and very hard to find. Scholars are still debating of how many stars actually make up this constellation, but that there are quite a few is beyond any doubt. However the resemblance with the scorpion symbol of Milara is striking. The exact date of its first appearance is unknown; some say that it was there before the appearance of another new constellation, The Viper, others say it was later. In the year 1400, it disappeared again, just as mysteriously as when it appeared.

The Viper

The Viper also appeared in the night sky in the year 1381, and quite suddenly at that. One night it wasn't there and the next night it was, shining down a cold malevolent light. It looks roughly like the head of a cobra, fangs beared and poised to strike. Rumor has it that a group of adventurers was involved in its rise. As of the year 1386, the constellation of The Viper seems to have increased in brightness and it looks as if it has taken that brightness from several of the divine constellations, as if sapping their power. When it first appeared, many silently hoped that it would bode well, as well-known adventurers were involved in its rising, however, people are not so sure anymore due to its attacks on other deities' constellations. The Viper, like the Scorpion, disappeared in the year 1400.