The Stonesmasher Dwarves

The Stonesmasher clan is known to exist in exile in Northern Dregar in the Mountains of Storms. However, this was not always the case. They were once a mighty dwarven clan, ruling over a great expanse of the now demon-infested continent of Belinara

Ages past, they were purged and hunted to extinction, although what exactly happened is unclear, and only the Stonesmashers themselves probably know of their heritage. It is assumed that those that live on Dregar are all that is left of the clan.

Rumors still swirl about a long-lost dwarven king, and a forgotten clan still existing upon Belinara, deep in hiding. Whether the rumors are related, or whether or not they hold any truth remains to be seen. However, dwarves the world over swear by them.

The Stonesmashers were once a mighty warrior clan, but now they live in peaceful seclusion, unknown to a great portion of the world. They accept that they live upon the continent of Dregar, and that the High Boyer is ruler of that land.

They do not terribly recognize his authority. Rather, they keep to themselves, doing those things that will keep them safe and secluded. It is rare that they leave their mountain sanctuary. Although they did fight along side soldiers from Prantz when Blood's General Khain invaded Dregar.

They also briefly returned to their days of mighty battles when they took a stand and died valiantly supporting Thordan Ironheart in his confrontation with Fisterion that lead to bringing Fisterion into the accord against Blood.

After this though, they returned to their life of seclusion in the Mountains of Storms.