Traveller's Last Hope: Defenses

A sturdy stone wall surrounds the village. The wall was built several centuries ago with the help of the dwarves that inhabit the village using stone from the Spine Mountains.

The wall circles the hill at about half its height, and two gates, one in the northern wall and one in the southern wall allow entry into town. Its gates were destroyed by Bloodstone's troops but have since been replaced. The breaches made into the walls have also been sealed with the aid of the dwarves.

A tower made of the same stone as the walls occupies the centre of the village at the edge of the market square, across from the inn. The tower gives a commanding view of the area and the road. Sentries ensure nobody approaches the village unseen.

Ever since the war with Telish Throne started, a contingent of the fledgling Bilkanese army makes camp on the plains outside of the village. Should the Telish enemy ever move against them, they will retreat into the village for defense.