Long regarded as the oxen of the sea, the Trigantines are a favorite amongst large mercantile consortia. A solid, dependable vessel, a Trigantine can generally take a large amount of punishment from the sea without losing any headway.

These ships rarely carry armaments, although some carry a Spellweaver or Priest aboard in order to boost defensive capabilities, if the owners can afford it. The Trigantines' true worth, though, is in their reliability as merchant transport ships; Trigantines can be seen in many ports across the world, filling their large holds with all sorts of cargo. These huge cargo ships tend to have multiple investors backing them, and due to the volume of goods they can carry, these ships are a prime target for pirates and buccaneers. To protect their interests, the merchants who own a Trigantine vessel often hire smaller escort ships or have their vessels travel in convoys. A variation on this type of ship has been built by the Silver Crescent slavers for years, and has been used in conjunction with modified Keel Racers to cause terror in villages along the coasts of countries worldwide. Those who have lived through a Silver Crescent raid know that the Silver Crescent trigantines do carry a large number of weapon platforms, and many also have magical support.