Ulgrid Fortress: Defenses

An ever progressing state, the fortress began as a seemingly impregnable stone womb in the high mountainside. After the first dark elf attack, passageways were banded in iron and reinforced; after the second attack, entrances and egresses were reduced to force certain predictable patterns. After the third attack, heavy wards blessed by priests of Vorax and Dorand both were laid down to restrict what races might move freely in the fortress.

At present time, the docks area is protected by an ever-vigilant rotating group of dwarves armed with ballistae, axes, shield walls and gnomish lenses. Due to some interaction with a traveling group of gnomish engineers that were in the mountains for an extended period on unexplained business, the staircase can be retracted to the top of the door leading up into the fortress, and there are hints of other feats of engineering hidden around the Fortress as well as multiple layers of divine warding and spells.

There is a growing group of younger dwarves in training with the goal of ending Lord Rael's reign on Dregar. They are currently delving into every known tactic used by Deep dwarves and learning countermeasures. They call themselves the Exterminators, a play on the name given young dwarves who are vermin patrol before they can train to be warriors.