Western Gate: History and Rumors

Once the capital of the Dragonsong Dominion, the city was nearly razed to the ground during the occupation. Its harbor served as the landing point of the western army during the liberation of the land. It suffered the most from this for Bloodstone's generals knew of its importance and protected the town as best they could. Western Gate has been rebuilt differently to represent a new age for the people of the Dominion; though, the old palace is preserved as it was founded to honor the past domini.

On the site of the large-scale disaster that plagued the people of this once great city, a relief campaign, headed by the Knight of the Wyrm Jennara Creekskipper, managed to gather supplies, hardware, tools, and much needed food to not only the island of Corsain but for that of Tilmar as well. Many of these donations were made by the same heroes that helped liberate the land a few years earlier. Although relief was given to all the land, a portion of it was focused on the rebuilding of Western Gate and its harbor as it was the place most greatly damaged and where the most souls were lost during the retaking.

Today, the economy grows as Western Gate functions as the nation's portal to western and northern countries. In combination with fishing trade, this has managed to bring a great deal of wealth to the city.

In 1419, the Golden Voice of Justice, who heads the Church of Rofirein, announced that a temple of the faith will be constructed in Western Gate. Construction of this Cathedral of Rofirein, to replace the one in Prantz has now been completed.