Wolf Tribe

The Wolf Tribe is extremely resourceful, and the clans in it are good at using their surroundings to their advantage, which normally makes up for their lack of strength in numbers, and makes them extremely formidable opponents. They are normally willing to accept outsiders into their clan, but if the person disagrees with their views on anything they are cast out. This is true of any person, not just those not from Krashin. The various tribes in the clan are scattered over the western area of Krashin, known as "Ulfland".

There is an extremely large number of clans in the Wolf Tribe, but the number of members in each clan is in almost all cases extremely low, with most clans only having around a dozen or so members. In essence, it is the complete opposite of the clans in the Bear Tribe.

This is due to the fact that when most clans get too large, they tend to have disagreements over one thing or another, and normally end up breaking into two smaller clans.
The tribe gets along with almost all the other Tribes, barring the Bear Tribe, who everyone seems have a rivalry with. In the case of the Wolf Tribe, this is most likely due to the fact that the Bears have wiped out multiple clans on raids against them. Most clans make regular trips to Ravens Watch, where they sell any goods they have acquired, most commonly food supplies, fur, leathers and weapons.

Due to the nature of clans in the Wolf Tribe, fighting tactics often vary, but are normally similar between groupings of clans. The clans tend to use their wits at all times, often attacking when it is least expected. Common tactics used in hunting include attacking from above, using the branches to their advantage, laying in wait for their prey or enemy to get close to them, then ambush them.

In fights they use the same tactics as they do when hunting, as well as waiting until nightfall before attacking. This is the most common tactic used by clans, meaning they catch their enemy unawares and often unarmed, not to mention that their opponents tend to be very drunk, often meaning their opponents will attack each other.

The downside of this tactic is that it is only usable when they are forewarned of a coming attack. Occasionally they will use tactics similar to the Raven Tribe as well, but this normally depends on the situation.