Jeran Valhaikor


Jaren Valhaikor is quiet, introspective, almost grim in demeanor, but can almost be jovial at the best of times. He has a very sarcastic sense of humor which comes out only for those who know him closely. In certain ways he is almost implacable, and demands a lot from himself. His magical studies haven't been going well... actually, they haven't been going at all. Money makes the world go round, as Jaren is quickly finding out. His sister's commitment to becoming a Ranger has cost him his only companion, and he finds himself here in the city, swindling and stealing to survive. He views his father's outburst as a betrayal and will stop at nothing to prove himself. Being born into a large family on a small farm does have its advantages. Being raised in a small town, however, isn't so great. Word tends to spread fast, especially bad ones. The Valhaikor family was poor, but not impoverished, although unlucky would probably be a more accurate statement. Jaren's father was severly injured and his oldest brother killed in an accident 10 years ago while repairing the roof of the barn, and it was a downward spiral after that. The once decent sized farm had been ravaged over the years. Livestock occasionally taken by dark creatures from the Seilwod Forest and farm land sold off piece by piece to appease the tax collector, the years had not been kind to Jaren's family. Jaren's older brother Daren took to gambling, swindling and stealing whatever he could from the small surrounding villages determined to wring something out of the world he felt had done him wrong. Daren's notorious reputation soon rubbed off on the innocent Jaren. Judged solely on the look of his ragged castoff clothes, dirty face, and the infamy of his brother's name, Jaren struggled hard to overcome the pigeonhole he found himself in. Utilizing some of his brother's tricks, he would routinley insert himself into the small school classroom of Drake town. Nightly break-ins of the town library were also a common feat for him. Jaren started to become an avid student, and a glib lier, especially when tuition time or the town constable came around. Constantly mocked by his brother Daren, and his parent's quiet dissaproval, Jaren's only source of support was his little sister Jaral. She knew that what her brother did was wrong, but it was for a good reason. Jaren loved his sister so much, he constantly vowed to run away with her from their rotting farm, to the nearest city where she could get a real education, earn a real living, and then come back to the farm and share the gifts life had to offer with the rest of his family. Jaren didn't care what he'd have to steal, burn, or even kill to make his vision come true. He knew he was better than this scrabbling, clawing, pathetic existance his family had fallen into. He knew his family didn't deserve this, no matter how resigned his parents were to their fate. Jaren would commit himself to becoming something more than just a slightly educated farmer. And then, it started... The pounding on the door was thunder on a clear summer night, it woke them all. The town constable and Daren, standing in the doorway. Blood on Daren's face, his clothes, his hands. Jaren's mother and Jaral sobbing hysterically. Jaren's father shouting angrilly, brandishing his cane, the ale on his breath punctuating his words and oaths. Jaren screaming at his father to stop. Then silence. The blows came quick, hard and without warning. First Daren, barely able to stand to begin with, folded as if he was a Gnomish machine that had been turned off. Then Jaren's mother, then Jaral. Finally, for Jaren, a bright light, then blackness. Hours later, Jaren awakes to see his father and mother holding each other, quietly crying. Jaral was gone, run into the wild of the Forest. The dull roar of blood rushing to his head deafened any apologies and explanations as Jaren ran out into the slowly dawning sky. What seemed like days later, Jaren couldn't tell, and it didn't matter anyway. Carrying the unconsious Jaral, Jaren collapsed into the Ranger's Vale. No more tears could he cry, no words could he speak, his throat dry, his muscles burning with exhaustion. His sister's limp body lays out before him, growing cold, her fair skin turning pale from the spider bite on her neck. He didn't know what he thought he'd find, he told himself to expect nothing, no one would be around to save them. Expecting more bad luck, but recieving a miracle, Jaren spied the old man at the edge of the clearing. He approached without a word, a concerned look on his face. Gently sweeping back Jaral's long brown hair he softly muttered some words as a green glow surrounded his hands and her body. After the glow subsided, Jaren hugged his sister closely, and managed to find some more tears inside himself. Happieness welled up inside him, along with a new understanding. Magic could give him the power to help others, himself and his family. Possibly change the tide of time or save the world. Quickly Jaren looked up, wanting to thank the old man, but he was nowhere in sight...

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